Take Me Home, Country Roads     John Denver / Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert
            zákl.tónina : G
 C  Db  Eb  F#  Ab  Bb  D  E  F  G  A  H
GAlmost heaven EmiWest Virginia
DBlue Ridge Mountains CShenandoahG river
life is old there Emiolder than the trees
Dyounger than the mountains Cgrowing like a Gbreeze
Country Groads take me Dhome
to the Emiplace I beClong
West GVirginia mountain Dmamma
take me Chome country Groads
All my memories gather round her
my is lady stranger to blue water
dark and dusty painted on the sky
misty taste of moonshine teardrops in my eyes
Country Groads take me Dhome ....
EmiI hear her Dvoice in the Gmorning house she calls me
the Cradio Greminds me off my Dhome far away
Emidriving down the Froad I get Cfeeling that I Gshould
be home Dyesterday yesterD7day
[: Country Droads take me Ghome ... :]

název: Take Me Home, Country Roads
jiný název: Country Roads
hudba: John Denver
text: Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert

klíčová slova: americká,   anglický text,   country

dvojice : Veď mě dál, cesto má