When You're Smiling     Larry Shay / Mark Fisher, Joe Goodwin
When you're Bbsmiling, when you're Bbmaj7smiling
The G7whole world smiles with Cmiyou G7 Cmi
When you're Cmilaughing, when you're laughing
The F7sun comes F+shining Bbthrough
But when you're Bb9crying you Ebbring on the rain
top your C7sighing, be F7happy again
Keep on Bbsmiling, 'cause when you're G7smiling
The Cmiwhole world F7smiles with Bbyou

název: When You're Smiling
hudba: Larry Shay
text: Mark Fisher, Joe Goodwin
poznámka: 1928

klíčová slova: foxtrot

dvojice : Plácek