St.Louis Blues     W.C.Handy
Now GI hate to see C7that evening sun go Gdown
Lord, C7I hate to see evening sun go Gdown
D7girl I love, C7she done left this Gtown
gmiSt. Louis woman cmiwith her diamond D7rings
Pulls that man 'roun' by her apron gmistrings.
And if it wasn't for the powder and her store-bought D7hair
man she love wouldn't gone nogmiwhere,A noD7where.
GLord, Mississippi river, long, deep and wide
I can see my baby standing G7on the other side
Take me C7back to St.Louis
Take me Gback to St.Louis
Take me D7back to St.Louis
C7where I can loosing Gblues
I've got the GSt.Louis Blues, just as blue as I can be
my C7girl got a heart like a rock-ice in the Gsea
Or D7else she wouldn't C7have gone so far from Gme.

název: St.Louis Blues
hudba: W.C.Handy

klíčová slova: americká,   anglický text,   blues,   Handy W.C.

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