Alexander's Ragtime Band     I.Berlin
Come on and Fhear
come on and hear
AleC7xander's Ragtime FBand F7
Come on and Bbhear
come on and hear
It's the best band in the land
They can Fplay a buggle call
like you never heard before
Dmiso natural that you want to go war
G7that's just the bestest band what C7am
honey lamb
FCome on along
come on along
let me C7take you by the Fhand F7
up to the Bbman
up to the man
who's the leader of the band
And if you Fcare to hear the F7Swanee River
Bbplayed in Ddimragtime
Come on and Fhear
come on and D7hear
AleG7xander's C7Ragtime FBand

název: Alexander's Ragtime Band
hudba: I.Berlin

klíčová slova: americká,   anglický text,   Berlin I.

dvojice : Začnou-li hrát