Rockin' Chair     H.Carmichael / H.Carmichael
            zákl.tónina : D
 C  Db  Eb  F#  Ab  Bb  D  E  F  G  A  H
DOld Dmaj7rockin' chair's Ami6got me, D7
Gmy G6cane by my Gm7side
DFetch F#mme that H7gin, son,
E7'fore I tan your A7hide. A7+
HmCan't F#7get from this Hm7cabin,
Abmi7go- Db7in' no F#mi7where
GmiJust Hm7-5sit me here E7grabbin'
At the Dflies 'round A7this rockin' Dchair
D7My D9dear old Aunt D7Harriet
D7- in D9Heaven she D7be -
Abmi7Send Db7me sweet F#mi7chariot,
for the E7end of that trouble I Emi7see. A7+
DOld Dmaj7rockin' chair Ami6gets it D7
Gjudgment G6day is Gm7here,
DChained F#mto Hm7my Gold Gdimrockin' Dchair.

název: Rockin' Chair
hudba: H.Carmichael
text: H.Carmichael
poznámka: Mills Brothers, 1932

klíčová slova: americká,   anglický text,   blues,   Carmichael H.,   Kotor Gang,   swing

dvojice : Houpací židle (Rockin' Chair)