Strangers In the Night     Eddie Snyder, Bert Kampfert / Charles Singleton
D9Strangers in my night Dexchanging glances,
DM7Won'dring in the night D6 what were the chances
BmWe'd be sharing lBm7ove before the nBmight was throEmugh Em9 Em Em7
A7Something in your eyes was so inviting
A9Something in your smiA7le was sA9o excA7iting
Em7Something in my heA7art Emtold me I A7sus4must haA7ve yoDCdim(IV) A7
DM7Strangers in the night
Two lonely peD6ople, we were strF#mangers in the nigB7ht
Until the moment when we saEmid our first Hello
B+Little did we know
Em7Love was just a glaG6nce away
A waArm emA7sus4-bra-cing danAce aA9 - waAy
D9Ever since that night D we've been together
DM7Lovers at first sight D6 in love forever
EmIt turned out so riA7ght Em for strangersA7sus4 in tA7he niDghDM7D6 F#m

název: Strangers In the Night
hudba: Eddie Snyder, Bert Kampfert
text: Charles Singleton
poznámka: 1966

klíčová slova: americká,   anglický text

dvojice : Dlouhá bílá noc