Sentimental Journey     Les Brown/Ben Homer / Bud Green
            zákl.tónina : Bb
  transponováno do : D
 C  Db  Eb  F#  Ab  Bb  D  E  F  G  A  H
DEvery rolling Hmistone gets toF#mi75b feel alH7one
when Emihome, sweet home is A7far aDway A7
DI´m a rolling Hmistone who´s been F#mi75bso aH7lone
Euntil toA7day:
DGonna take a sentimental journey A7
Dgonna set my A7heart at ease
Dgonna make a Bb7sentimental A7journey
Dto renew old A7memoDries
I Dgot my bag I got my reservation A7
Dspent each dime I A7could afford
Dlike a child in Bb7wild anticiA7pation
Dlong to hear that A7"All aDboard!"
GSeven, that´s the time we leave, at Dseven
I´ll be waiting up for E7heaven
counting every mile
of A7railroad Emi7track
that takes me A7back
DNever thought my heart could be so yearnA7y
Dwhy did I deA7cide to roam
Dgonna take a Bb7sentimental A7journey
Dsentimental A7journey Dhome

název: Sentimental Journey
hudba: Les Brown/Ben Homer
text: Bud Green
interpret: Doris Day, 1944

klíčová slova: jazz,   KBB

dvojice : Alejí