Clementine     P.Montrose
In a cavern, in a canyon
excavating for a mine
Dwelt a miner, forty-niner
and his daughter Clementine
Oh my darling, oh my darling
oh my darling Clementine
you are lost and gone forever
dreadful sorry Clementine
Light she was and like a fairy
and her shoes were number nine
herring boxes, without topses
sandals were for Clementine
Drove the ducklings to the water
ev'ry morning just at nine
hit her foot against a splinter
fell into the foaming brine
Ruby lips above the water
blowing bubbles soft and fine
Alas for me - I was no swimmer
so I lost my Clementine

název: Clementine
hudba: P.Montrose

klíčová slova: anglický text

dvojice : Klementajn